About "Porto Vistonis" hotel


This hotel with fully furnished apartments is a model of an eco-tourist unit for the area and a base for a wide range of activities. The service is not limited to the offer of accommodation. The visitor, the tourist, the sightseer, the athlete and the eco-tourist not only have the chance to enjoy their residence but also have a wide range of services and activities to choose from and to find themselves in a beautiful place where the basic concern of the householders is the high-quality service.

The hotel is managed by the Ecotouristiki-Pisciculture Porto Lagos A.E. It is a third-class accommodation with fully furnished apartments and it was established in 1998. it is an active enterprise in the field of tourism providing accommodation to the visitors.

It is a complex of one and two room apartments, recently built, traditional and comfortable, offering rooms with en-suite bathrooms, a cooker, a lounge with TV and an open-air barbecue. The architecture of the complex is in accordance with the area and it has been designed to set harmonically with a non-built landscape close to the sea, which is protected by the RAMSAR treaty.

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