The complex abuts with areas of great ecological and aesthetical importance such as:
  • The canyons of the River Nestos with rich natural beauty, the flora, the fauna, water sports and adventure
  • The Delta of Nestos - a huge hydro biotope.
  • The villages in the mountain area of Xanthi, with their archeological areas and their contemporary history.
  • Lakes Vistonida and Mitrikou - Ismarida.
  • The forest biotopes of Rodopi mountain range.
  • The virgin forests of Simida, Fraktos, Drimos and Helatia.
  • The artificial lake of Thisavros.
  • The villages inhabited by Pomacs, which are rich in manmade and natural environment.
  • Mountain "Tsal" peak - a challenge for climbers.
  • The three monasteries of Xanthi (Archageliotissa, Kalamou, Sts. Taxiarhes).
  • The picturesque chapel of St. Nicolas, landmark of Porto Lagos.
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